2A Hair Guide: What Is it, How to Take Care of It, & How to Style It

This guide will explain everything you need to know about 2a hair, like hair care techniques, what products to use, and how to style it. You'll find everything you need to know about your waves from our professionals! Your waves will thank you for this guide, so remember to save this post.

What is 2a Hair?

Type 2a hair is a “naturally wavy” hair type. It is defined as hair that is straighter than the other curlier types but still has a slight shape to it. 

It is divided into three categories depending on the shape of the cortex: type 2a, type 2b, and type 2c hair. Type 2 hair forms an 'S' shape, and the stronger the 'S' shape, the wavier it will be. Type 2a hair is the least wavy, type 2b hair is slightly wavier, and type 2c hair is the waviest without actually being curly. 

As type 2a hair is usually flat at the roots, has a loose 'S' shape, and can be pretty delicate, excessive product application can make it feel weighed down and lacks definition and volume. When paired with the right haircut, this type of hair appears fuller and thicker and can be one of the most effortless textures to manage.

Curl type patterns from 2a to 4c

How to take care of 2a hair 

When you know how to manage it, 2a hair is easy to care for and versatile, allowing you to switch between straight and curly styles easily. But you may need products to manage for your waves and reduce frizz and volumize. 

Since these products can sometimes weigh down your waves due to the flatter roots and thinner texture of 2a hair, knowing how to take care of these waves is essential.  

1. Use light products like serums and mousses

Light products like mousses, foams, and serums work best for wavy hair. They will highlight and smooth the wave without adding to buildup.

Wavy hair also requires more hydration than straight hair but less than curly hair. It’s like the goldilocks of hair types… requiring jussst the right type and amount of product. Due to this, wavy hair requires products explicitly designed for hydration, frizz control, and volume.

2. Use products designed for wavy hair

Invest in some frizz-control leave-in products to enhance waves and volumize at the roots. 

Wavy hair may not have as much frizz as curly hair, but it must be controlled. Among the essential hair products for wavy hair are volumizers and moisturizing masks explicitly designed for wavy hair. 

3. Get regular hair cuts 

If you have type 2a hair, you should trim it every 10 to 12 weeks since it tends to get out of control without regular attention. Which is a little too relatable if you ask us 😉 

It is essential to trim ends and keep hair healthy so 2a hair types can develop their natural texture and shape. At shoulder length or a little longer, waves will look bouncy and bounce well. Too-long waves will look ragged and unruly. Perfect at a punk rock show but not ideal for your day-to-day. 

2a Hair Care routine

1. Pre-wash with a hair oil

Put your favorite hair oil on for 1-2 hours before washing. This will provide moisture while keeping hair lustrous. This can be done weekly with coconut, jojoba, and Argan oil, as these are best for wavy hair. Aren’t you glad we tested them? 

  Pro tip: Don’t do this too often; it can clog your pores and cause your hair to look limp/flat. Once every few weeks is usually sufficient. 

2. Wash hair every 1-2 days

When your hair has a more visible texture, daily hair washing usually doesn't make sense since it is flat at the root. It is important not to wash too often to keep your hair bouncy and lustrous. This will help you reduce frizz and keep your waves healthy. 

Pro tip: Washing every other day or every two days is good for reducing frizz while retaining moisture. 

3. Detangle before styling 

Using a detangling brush on wet or damp hair to remove tangles or knots is an ideal way to combat frizz; plus, they help you dry your hair more quickly without using a blow dryer. You could also use a wide-toothed comb to help prevent breakage. 

Always apply a heat protectant before using hot tools if you must heat-style. Products like One Hit Wonder 10-in-1 Leave-In Spray will help prevent damage from curling irons and straighteners, in addition to helping with detangling. 

4. Opt for shoulder-length hair

Since 2a hair is prone to being weighed down, keeping hair shorter (around shoulder length or a little longer) allows for a fuller and bouncier appearance. Don’t go any longer since this hair type can really puff out at the bottom since the roots are straighter. 

How to style 2a hair 

Keeping your 2a hair looking its best does require a bit of “TLC,” though thankfully, styling it isn't difficult. The key to an excellent shoulder-length style is matching your face shape, lightweight styling products, and the occasional help of a curling wand or straightener. 

Below are a few of our favorite styles for 2a hair. 

1. Shoulder length hair 

Having shoulder-length hair adds body and highlights your wavy pattern, but may also help you achieve a more full look with flat hair. If you only take one thing from this article, let it be that shoulder-length haircuts are the holy grail for those with 2a hair. 

2. Soft glam hair

Out of all the other hair types that you can use, you are the most likely to be able to accomplish the glam waves look. Give your soft waves some oomph by styling your hair with a hot tool and some heat protectant. 

3. Deep side part

If your strands tend to fall flat, give them a boost with a side part. You can create volume in wavy hair with a deep side part and you'll be amazed at how gorgeous it looks. 

4. Beach waves

When your 2a waves have had time to air-dry naturally, they often fall perfectly if you have the proper cut and use the right products. Thanks to this texture, your strands can be left unstyled, curled with some hot tools, or waved for a textured and dimensional look.

Best Products for 2A Hair

You can switch your hair from straight to curly with heat-free techniques or hot tools, regardless of your slight wave. 

If you're interested in refreshing your ‘do as well as your hair care collection, these items may be helpful. 

Dry Shampoo – We recommend:  GOING VIRAL

Going Viral is a 3-in-1 Dry Shampoo that is excellent for adding some texture and volume to your 2a hair. Use it to refresh your hairstyle between washes or to give freshly washed (and dried) hair some definition. 

Frizz Control Hair Mask – We recommend: EXPERT PROCRASTINATOR 

Frizz Control to Major Tom, your hair looks great; there’s nothing wrong! Use this hair mask once every week or two for some deep conditioning, frizz smoothing, and hydrating properties. Just sit back and relax as your hair drinks it all in. 

Wave Spray – We recommend:  WAVY BABY   

Great for enhancing your natural waves, Wavy Baby works with 2a hair to give an effortless and beachy look by way of texture. Providing a super lightweight hold and instant body, Wavy Baby does not build up on your fine hair, leaving you with a tousled yet touchable look. 


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