How to Diffuse Curly Hair Without Frizz in 6 Steps

If you have curly hair (or want to rock some curls today), you need to have a diffuser in your styling tools arsenal. The real secret to more uniform, frizz-less, bouncy curls is to have a diffuser in your hair care arsenal. If you’re not familiar with this magical tool (yet), let us introduce it. 

A diffuser is an attachment for your blow dryer that changes the way air flows from a straight stream to a more diffused circle of air. If you could marry the heat from your blow dryer and leave your hair to air dry, you’ll get a diffuser, baby!

Using a diffuser, correctly, that is, has its tricks, so we created this easy guide to help you transform the way you give love to your curls forever. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Diffuse Curled Hair

Blow drying or air drying curly hair can often feel like too much to handle on a Monday morning (or any morning, really). If you leave it air dry, your curls lose definition. If you only blow dry it, you end up with unruly frizzy hair. Learning how to diffuse curly hair can give you frizz-free curls that are bouncy, uniform, and the envy of everyone with (and without) curls. 

1. Prime Your Hair With a Leave-In Conditioner

Before you even touch the diffuser, you need to prep your hair with conditioning products that help shape your curls. You want to start with hair that’s hydrated, detangled, and as smooth as possible. 

Immediately after stepping out of the shower, you want to gently towel-dry your hair to remove excess water. The best way to apply a leave-in conditioner is usually with damp hair, but there are some products out there that can be used on dry hair as well. 

This top-rated 10-in-1 leave-in conditioner, to detangle, condition, and strengthen your curls. Oh, it also gives you heat protection (crucial with use of any heat styling tools) and prevents breakage! 

2. Apply Curl Cream in Sections

Grab a curl-enhancing product to apply next. Gently and generously apply throughout and disperse the product into the curls. Work in sections to help spread the product evenly. Using a curl cream will help keep hair healthy by providing moisture, definition, and shine. Not to mention, it will really help keep frizz under control. 

For frizz-less curls that can maintain their shape and still look natural, we have to go with Honey, That’s How I Roll Curl Cream. Its vegan, silicone-free formula works for all curl types and patterns. It is formulated with coconut oil to lock in moisture and help curls keep their natural shape, even when the humidity gets a tad crazy out there.  

3. Air Dry Hair for 10-30 Minutes

Depending on how long you have to get ready, you can start diffusing your hair when it’s still very wet. Otherwise, give your curls a bit of air-dry time to soak up the leave-in conditioner and let your curls fall into their natural shape. Try different drying timelines to see which your curls like the most. 

4. Choose the Right Heat Setting Set Up the Diffuser

The real secret to diffusing your curls lies in finding the perfect heat setting. For diffusing curls, you always want to start with the low or medium settings. It may take longer, but this is the key to prevent frizz and prevent drying out your curls. 

Right before you finish drying your hair, blast the cool setting to set and dry your curls and infuse your hair with volume. 

5. Diffuse Hair in Small Sections

Start by drying the ends first. Pretend the attachment is your hand to avoid touching your curls. Grab a small section, place it in the diffuser, and start drying curls from the ends up. 

Keep working in small sections and move to the roots. Once most of your ends are dry, flip your head upside down. Diffuse the roots using the same techniques to add volume.

    6. Seal With a Weightless Hair Oil (Optional)

    After drying it, if your hair feels a bit dull, you might want to spritz a light hair oil to add some shine. To smoothen frizz and add shine, try the Voodoo Oil to lock in moisture and give your curls some extra TLC. 

    If you do choose to add this step into your diffusing routine, make sure you smooth it over your hair, not through your curls, or your work will be in vain. Only use the oil from the mid-shaft to your ends to soften and add luxurious shine that stays on for days. 


    What NOT to Do When Diffusing Your Hair

    Learning how to master the art of diffusing curly hair will take some trial and error. But, no matter how much in a hurry you are, these are some things you want to avoid when diffusing your hair:

    • Do NOT use your hands when diffusing your hair. The oils in your hair and static can increase the frizz and leave you with flat curls in the end. 
    • Do NOT use the high heat setting on curls while diffusing. Honestly, if you have curly hair, you should avoid high heat at all costs. 
    • Do NOT dry your hair 100%. Curls crave moisture and need moisture to stay bouncy and kick-ass. Dry your hair enough so it’s not dripping, but don’t overdo it. 

    Why Should You Use a Diffuser?

    Curly hair needs different tools to stay bouncy and in its prime. A diffuser helps disperse air to be distributed more evenly and gently to your curls which will  increase definition and keep your natural curls intact. Not to mention, using a diffuser can really cut air-drying time by half. 

    One more thing, using a diffuser helps keep frizz at bay without adding more products that can weigh down your curls. Drying your curls with a diffuser can give you more manageable, consistent, and beautiful curls that you will love. The icing on the cake is that using a diffuser gives you real-life, sustained volume that gives you defined curls without the frizz.  

    Now that you know the secrets to diffuse curly hair, you can finally master the art of sporting beautiful, bouncy, and defined curls all the time. Remember to treat your curls with a weekly hair mask to keep them moisturized, strong, and healthy.