Hair Oil: How to Use It, What It Does, & the Benefits

Listen up because we're about to spill the tea on one of the best-kept secrets in hair care - hair oil. If you're tired of having a frizzy, lackluster, or unruly mane, then you need to know about this magical elixir. Hair oil provides intense hydration and nourishment to your locks and can also promote growth, tame frizz, and leave your hair looking glossy and radiant. So, whether you're a haircare enthusiast or a newbie, sit tight and get ready to learn everything you need to know about how to use hair oil, what it does, and the fabulous benefits you'll reap from incorporating it into your haircare routine.

The benefits of hair oil & what hair oil does

Strengthens your hair - Hair oil is a true superhero in strengthening your hair. It penetrates the hair shaft and provides essential nutrients and proteins to keep your strands healthy and strong. 

Protects from heat damage - Hair oil acts as a protective barrier, shielding your hair from the damaging effects of heat styling tools, which can cause breakage, split ends, and overall hair damage. Achieve your desired style without sacrificing the health of your locks.

Hydrates and prevents frizz - To keep your hair soft and shiny, hair oil seals moisture in and prevents it from evaporating, taming frizz; hair oil smoothes down the cuticle layer so moisture can't get through and cause flyaways. This leads to smooth, frizz-free locks that are healthy and well-nourished.

Prevents UV damage - Hair oil acts as a barrier, protecting your hair from UV rays and keeping it looking radiant and healthy. Keep your hair looking its best by incorporating hair oil into your haircare routine.

How to apply hair oil & when to use it

1. After you wash your hair and while it’s damp

Applying hair oil to damp hair is a great way to seal moisture and provide your locks hydration. Doing so can prevent your hair from drying out and becoming brittle. Applying hair oil to damp hair can help distribute the product evenly, ensuring every strand is coated with nourishing benefits. Simply take a small amount of hair oil and work it through your damp hair.

2. To smooth flyaways

For styling purposes, add a few drops of hair oil to your palms, then smooth them over your hair to tame frizz and flyaways. Hair oil is an effective solution for smoothing flyaways because it helps to tame the hair cuticle and keep it lying flat. The lightweight oils in hair oil can help to coat the hair, creating a barrier that prevents moisture from penetrating and causing frizz. Applying hair oil to your hair can help keep those pesky flyaways under control, leaving you with a sleek and polished look.

3. To keep your hair protected during chemical treatments

To keep your locks healthy and strong, take a small amount of hair oil and rub it between your palms, then gently massage it into your hair, starting at the ends and working your way up. Voila! Your hair is now shielded from the damaging effects of heat styling tools and UV rays, and you've given it the nourishing hydration it craves.

4. To define curls

Hair oil is an excellent tool for defining curls because it adds weight and moisture to the hair, which helps to enhance the natural curl pattern. Applying hair oil to damp hair and scrunching it in can help activate the curls and give them more definition. Also, hair oil helps tame frizz and flyaways, creating a smoother and more defined curl pattern. With its nourishing properties, hair oil can help your curls look their best, giving you bouncy, defined, and healthy-looking locks.

5. To moisturize dry hair

Whether you have naturally dry hair or have been experiencing dryness due to heat styling or other factors, hair oil can be a game-changer for giving your hair the hydration it needs. Hair oil is a fantastic way to moisturize dry hair because it penetrates deeply into the hair shaft, providing essential nutrients and hydration. Applying hair oil to your hair can help seal in moisture, preventing it from evaporating and leaving your locks feeling dry and brittle. The nourishing properties of hair oil can help restore your hair's natural oils and leave it feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated.

Where to apply hair oil

Apply hair oil to various parts of the hair, from the mid-section to the ends, depending on your hair type and concerns. 

For those with dry, frizzy, or curly hair, applying hair oil to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair tends to be the driest. This helps to provide much-needed hydration and nutrients without weighing down the roots. Those with fine or oily hair may want to avoid applying hair oil to the scalp or roots, as this can make the hair appear greasy. Instead, they can focus on the ends and avoid over-applying. 

When it comes to the frequency of application, it's best to start with a small amount and apply more as needed. Remember that a little goes a long way with hair oil, so avoid over-saturating your hair. With the proper application, hair oil can be a game-changer for your hair, leaving it looking and feeling healthy, shiny, and nourished.

How much hair oil should you use?

When it comes to hair oil, remember that less is more, you should be good with 1-3 pumps depending on the length/volume of your hair. You don't need to pour the entire bottle onto your head to get the benefits. 

Start with a small amount, like a dime-sized drop, and add more. You want your hair to be nourished, not drenched in oil like a salad. Plus, over-applying can lead to greasy locks that you don't want.

Which hair oil should I use?

First and foremost, you want a hair oil that suits your hair type and concerns well. Mane Club's Voodoo Oil is a “weightless,” lightweight, hydrating oil that helps to smooth and protect hair. It is ideal for all hair types and contains a blend of natural oils, including Abyssinian and Argan, known for their nourishing properties. Plus, the cute packaging and sassy branding might make it a fun addition to your hair care routine!

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